What does purchasing a product that is labeled "Pre-Order" mean? It means we are currently sold out of that product but are expecting more in the very near future. You're essentially reserving that product so when it comes back in stock, yours will ship out immediately.

How long will it take for my pre-ordered product to ship? The timeframe can vary from product to product. Please see the product, you're interested in pre-ordering, for an estimated shipping timeframe.

Will I be charged before my item ships? Yes, this is done to reserve said product.

What if I change my mind before my item ships? That's fine! We will issue a refund for the pre-ordered product total.

What if my order has products that aren't labeled as "Pre-Order" as well? If your order has products that aren't on pre-order and products that are on pre-order, all products within your order will ship when your pre-order products ship. If you would like your products that aren't on pre-order immediately, please place 2 separate orders. One with currently in stock products and one with pre-ordered products.

Products that are available for pre-order will be marked as "Pre-Order" in the products name and a disclaimer in the product description.