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Tesla Jack Pad Adapters (Set of 4)

Tesla Jack Pad Adapters (Set of 4)

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Important: Sometime in mid 2023 Tesla changed the size of the jack point from 25mm to 20mm but only on AWD 4680 (NOT LR OR P) Model Ys. However, Tesla does not currently sell this configuration anymore so if you're ordering a new 2024+ RWD LR, LR, or P these will fit.

Our Tesla Jack Pad Adapters are an absolute must have for any Tesla owner that doesn't want a $10,000+ battery repair.

Constructed from a rigid rubberized material, so it's strong enough to support the chassis while also being soft enough to prevent damage. Also features a rubberized ring that holds the jack pad in place, no more lining up the jack and jack pad at the same time!

Simply place one of our Jack Pad Adapters into any of the 4 jack points around your Tesla, line up your jack, and jack.

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