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RGB Animated Dash Light Strip for Model 3 & Y BACKORDERED

RGB Animated Dash Light Strip for Model 3 & Y BACKORDERED

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BACKORDERED: Ships mid - late June. Please see Backordered for more information. 

Our RGB Animated Dash Light Strip for the Model 3 & Y is the perfect way to get that refreshed Tesla feel without actually buying one. You're welcome, we just saved you $50,000.

With 10 built in lighting modes and 100s more via the app, the color combinations are endless. Perfect for brightening up and giving life to the cabin.

Our RBG strip uses next-gen edgeless LEDs to provide a bright and vibrant glow while looking OEM. Never worry about turning the lights on or off thanks to our occupancy sensor that provides an auto on & off function. Also includes a Cybertruck inspired USB hub to allow the use of dash cam/sentry mode and other USB devices at the same time.

Installation may just be the best part as it takes under 5 minutes and requires zero pre-existing experience installing Tesla mods. Everything needed for installation is included. 

DISCLAIMER - If you have a pre generation 1 dash (very old Model 3) your installation will be slightly different, please refer to our installation video. 

DISCLAIMER #2 - If your Model 3 or Y doesn't have a USB in the glove box, installation will be slightly different. Please refer to our installation video.

DISCLAIMER #3 - The included USB Hub does not play well with Samsung T7 SSDs. Please double check your dash cam/sentry is working. Please use original Tesla USB stick if you have issues.

Not compatible with 2024 refresh Model 3.

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