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RGB Center Console USB Hub for Model 3 & Y

RGB Center Console USB Hub for Model 3 & Y

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Our RGB Center Console USB Hub for the Model 3 & Y is the perfect match to our RGB Animated Dash Light Strip while also providing extra ports and connectivity.

With multiple RGB animated modes including sound activated or flowing, it's the perfect addition for your cabin. No app needed, everything is controlled from a single button on top of the unit.

Provides the following connectivity:

USB-C 1 (Far right): 7.5W Max + Data Transfer
USB-A 1 (Middle Right): 7.5W Max + Data Transfer
USB-C 2 (Far Left): 30W Max
USB-A 2 (Middle Left): 27W Max

Installation is a breeze and takes under a minute while requiring zero pre-existing experience installing Tesla mods. We also offer an installation you can refer to if needed.

DISCLAIMER - ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH GEN 2 CENTER CONSOLES (The one with the sliding door). 2021-2023 Model 3 & 2021-2024 Model Y. Not compatible with 2024 refresh Model 3.

DISCLAIMER #2 - USB ports support data transfer ONLY IF your existing USB-C ports do. USB-A ports may be tight upon initial use but will loosen up.

DISCLAIMER #3 - Does NOT support single static colors, animated only.

USB cords shown not included.

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