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Roof Sunshade for Model 3 Highland (2024 - Present)

Roof Sunshade for Model 3 Highland (2024 - Present)

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Our revolutionary dual-material cooling sunshade for the new Model 3 Highland is a must have for keeping a cool and comfortable interior cabin while shielding you from the sun. Why spend hundreds of dollars on tint?

Our sunshade uses original factory data straight from Tesla to ensure a precise fit. Also includes headliner clips for lasting stability. Rear sunshade features arching cutout for perfect visibility via the rearview mirror.

We designed the color of our sunshade to be the perfect contrast to the headliner, a slightly lighter gray. Before you ask, yes we made an exact color match and it didn't look good.

Easily fold and store our sunshade with an included storage bag. Learn how to properly fold via the linked video!

Compatible with all 2024+ refresh Model 3 trims (RWD, LR, & P)

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