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Rotating Screen Mount for Model 3 & Y (2nd Gen)

Rotating Screen Mount for Model 3 & Y (2nd Gen)

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Our Rotating Screen Mount for Model 3 & Y is the accessory you never knew you needed. There's a reason the refresh S and X have rotating screens.

With the ability to rotate 30° left or right and 15° up or down, you'll wonder why this didn't come standard with your Tesla. Perfect for giving you a better view of the screen while helping you avoid blinding glare.

Made from lightweight aerospace aluminum and machine cut OEM matching panels so it's strong, reliable, and looks OEM!

DISCLAIMER - Due to the mount putting the screen roughly 1.5" lower, first generation console owners (gloss black center console) will notice the door over the phone mount will not fully open. It still opens about 3/4 of the way, but we would like to make you aware of this before purchase. 

DISCLAIMER #2 - This does require removal of the screen and should be done at your own risk. You can always remove the mount and put the original mount back on but please make sure you are comfortable with the process before purchasing.

Not compatible with 2024 refresh Model 3.

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